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Honeywell Weather Stations

If you're looking for a high quality weather station at a reasonable price a Honeywell home weather station is an excellent choice. Honeywell weather stations are well known for their advanced features and high quality construction. They are manufactured by Hideki Electronics which has produced top quality consumer electronics devices since 1989. Their product line includes wireless weather stations, weather forecasters, wireless rain gauges, atomic clocks and thermometers.

One of Honeywell's most full featured devices is the TE923W Professional Wireless Weather Station. Some of its features include:

  • Included remote control which controls all of the display's functions
  • 12 to 24 hour weather forecast
  • 24 hour barometric pressure history chart
  • A multitude of included sensors:
    • Anemometer to measure wind speed and direction
    • Rain gauge to measure the amount of rainfall
    • Wireless UV sensor
    • Thermo-hygrometer to temperature and humidity
  • Operating range of 100 ft (30 meters) up to 328 ft (100 meters)
  • Programmable ice warning alarm
  • Includes weather software for your PC

At Weather Station Supply you'll find the lowest discount prices on Honeywell wireless weather stations, rain gauges and other weather related equipment. We'll help you find the right environmental measurement and weather reporting equipment for your home, farm or business for the lowest price.

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